Ubud Desitnation guides

Get the best experience of Ubud: here is what you need to do if you are going for the first time

Ubud is a place where you will get lush green valleys, rice fields, rivers and lots of other things that nature lover will be going to love. Apart from that, the place is attracting lots of heart and also famous with the name of the cultural heart of Bali. Lots of people such as travelers, yogis, nature lover or artistic people visit Ubud for experiencing new things. Enjoy an extraordinary experience in some of the best villas in Ubud.

The place is a perfect combination of everything as you can do shopping, eat delicious traditional food, explore the cultural sides, etc. Apart from that here you also get different activities like trekking and river drafting if you like adventures. In short, Ubud has something for everyone. Not just that, the place is also good for those who want to capture some jaw-dropping pictures and experience the beauty of nature as well as wonders. Bali Villa Collection features a huge range of the Ubud villas.

For first timers, here is the list of things that you need to do
Ubud is a hidden gem with lots of places which is not just magical but also beautiful to believe.  However, if you are going for the first time, then you should visit these places first.

Ubud is a hidden gem with lots of places which is not just magical but also beautiful to believe.  However, if you are going for the first time, then you should visit these places first

    • legong Dance Ubud Palace
      Well, the Balinese Legong Dance which is known as traditional dance is one of the things that you should watch. The dance is not just mesmerizing, but also it shows the cultural side of Ubud with beautiful dresses and gamelan music.
    • Campuhan Ridge Walk
      You don’t have to pay for walking on the routes of Campuhan. However, make sure that you put your most comfortable shoes as the walk is going to belong. Along with beautiful sceneries of the sun rising to go back, the surrounding is filled with rice terraces and valleys of the river.
    • Tegallalang Rice Terraces
      The place is found outside of the city, and also it’s the most famous spot that you will get in Bali. Also, don’t forget to try the Bali swing as its one of the experience that you will never want to forget.
    • Sacred Monkey forest
      Situated in the heart of the town of Ubud, the place is filled with macaques. Also, you can buy some bananas so you can feed them but don’t get scared as these little monkeys are friendly and because of that, they use to climb on the back of the travelers or take their things away.
    • Do activities
      Ubud is one of those places where you can enjoy lots of activities which include workshops, rafting, and mount trekking. Not just that if you want to find some peace, you can do yoga or take rest in the spa as well.
  • Don’t skip the Food part
    The place is filled with delicious snacks and traditional foods that you want to taste.  Also, make sure to eat a raw chocolate snack as well as a daily hot latte. Here is the combination of healthy food that will keep your health safe.

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